1) Car Body and Frame
Any stock, production American-made vehicle including Camaro, Firebird and
Mustang. Pickups will be allowed

1. Trunk pan may be removed for fuel cell clearance. Aftermarket body
panels are okay. Full OEM panels are okay. Can run aluminum body
panels (Must be Stock Appearing).
2. Minimum weight is 3050 lbs. with Driver
3. 53 ½ % rear weight ​ max​ after race.​ You will have one chance to
remove mud.
4. Minimum wheelbase is 108 inches with ½” tolerance.
5. Frames or uni-body may be X-braced for safety and tied together straight.
6. Body panels may be cut out.
7. Original stock bumpers or IMCA style bumpers are required.
8. Tube rear clips will be allowed if pre-approved AKA 2”x3” square tubing
on unibody
9. Fire wall and floor pan may be replaced with steel. Must have Steel under
you and to the left of you.
10. Spoiler maximum height is 6” of material and cannot exceed past
body.Side panels of spoiler no taller than 8’’ tall. Maximum of 3 braces
allowed. One each side and one in center.
11. Rear of car must be closed off. Must cover from top of trunk lid to top of
bumper and must run fender to fender.
12. Mandatory pick up chains front and rear for wrecker hook up.

2)​ Chassis and Suspensions

1. 4 point roll cage with 3 driver side bars and 2 passenger side bars
required above frame. DOWN TUBES MANDATORY
2. Roll cage made of minimum 1 ½ inch tubing with minimum.095 wall
3. Driver side door plate mandatory. ⅛ in. minimum steel
4. Front and rear weights jacks are allowed.
5. If weight jacks are used front and rear shocks may be relocated
6. Lower control arms must remain in stock location. Can use Stock
replacements and retain stock measurements.
7. No aftermarket spindles. IMCA replacement stock only. GM to GM
and Ford to Ford only
8. Upper a-frame tower may be drilled to allow lowering of A-frame
control arm.
9. Aftermarket springs are allowed but must remain in stock location
and top dead center.
10.No Chrysler Springs of any kind allowed.
11.Sway bar (if used) must remain in stock location and be OEM
12.Adjustable spring shackles and sliders are allowed, leaf springs
must be in stock location.
13.Steel racing shocks allowed, re-building steel shocks, no schrader
14.All four (4) brakes must be stock and in working condition. NO
aluminum calipers.
15.Rear disc brakes allowed.
16.Rub rails are okay. Panel rails allowed. Rub rails may not stick out
further than outside edge of rear tire.
17.Brake bias control/adjuster allowed
18.Quick steering is allowed
19.Tube rear clips will be allowed if pre-approved. AKA 2×3 square.
tubing on unibody.

3) Engine

1. Engine must remain in stock position. #1 spark plug may not be
further back than the most forward ball joint.
2. All major components must remain in stock for type and year of
3. Engine 360 cubic inch maximum
4. 602 Crate Motor allowed (Must be sealed). Spec Carb only 650 cfm
5. Heads must be OEM cast iron, minimum of 62 cc. Aftermarket will
be allowed with a minimum of 72 cc
6. Maximum intake valve 2.02 Maximum exhausts valve 1.60
7. No porting or polishing. No gasket matching.
8. No aluminum heads
9. Flat top pistons with 2 or 4 valve relief
10.Unmodified stock OEM cast iron 4 barrel intake manifolds are
11.Any aluminum 4 barrel intake manifolds are allowed. No sheet
metal intakes allowed.
12.Marine cast iron manifolds are allowed on GM engines
13.Porting, enlarging ports, port matching and floor or port polishing
are not allowed. NO acid dipping.
14.Any 4412 Carburetor allowed. Must pass GO/No GO Gauge. No
HP Carburetors allowed.
15.Any solid or hydraulic cam.
16.550 Cam Rule, measured at idle.
17.No roller cams are allowed
18.Stock lifter bore only
19.Any stud type rocker and rollers and stud girdles are allowed
20.Any stock appearing rod, rod length restricted to 6.00” maximum
and I-beam or H-beam. No aluminum rods allowed.
21.Crank shafts 48 lbs minimum. Stock 302 crank allowed.
22.No exhaust flow devices allowed such as cross pipes or H-pipes.
Headers are allowed straight style and step style
23.Stock or aluminum radiator allowed
24.No antifreeze allowed
25.Mandatory 1” inspection hole in oil pan.

4) Transmission and Rear End

  1. Stock automatic with stock torque converter or standard transmission allowed.  No 5 or 6 speed. No smaller than 10” torque  converter

  2. Bert, Brenn, Falcon transmission and Mini Clutches allowed.Open Motors must add 50 lbs. in front of transmission.Minimum weight with driver will be 3100 lbs. (602 Crate motor does not have to add additional weight).

  3. Minimum 10” steel clutch and flywheel for open motors.

  4. Rear end in stock position 9” Ford allowed. Floater allowed

  5. Posi-trac or locked rear ends allowed

  6. Painted drive shaft required (white) with car number in black

  7. Drive shaft loops required

  8. Standard transmission with Blowproof Bellhousing

  9. 3 Link with no traction control device and solid top link

  10. 3 link must use stock lower control arms

  11. Pan hard bars may not be shorter than 26 inches and must be solid, no springs or biscuit bars

  12. No J bars

5) Wheels and Tires

1. Steel wheels only with maximum width of 8 inches
2. Two (2) beadlock wheels allowed on right side only
3. Wheels may have a maximum of 2 inch offset
4. Aftermarket steel wheels allowed but limited to standard weight. No
lightweight wheels allowed. Wheels must have IMCA Sticker.
5. Maximum tire width allowed is 8 inches
6. Hoosier G60 IMCA or American Racer 15KK704
7. Grooving and siping is the only tire modification allowed and no tire
8. Any wheel spacer allowed
9. ⅝” wheel studs required

6) General

1. High back aluminum racing seat is required.
2. Seat belt and shoulder harness are MANDATORY and must be
equipped with a single latch aircraft type release 5 point harness
Mandatory. Must be 3 years old or newer
3. Battery box is mandatory
4. Fuel cell mandatory. Fuel cell must be mounted in trunk and
contained in metal can. FLAPPER VALVE (2009 mandatory)
5. Vehicle must be equipped with a fully charged dry chemical fire
extinguisher with gauge and be securely fastened and within easy
access of race ready driver. Halon system is allowed
6. Emergency kill switch must be easily accessible inside driver
7. I-37 will have final say on rules and interpretation of rules. All cars
are subject to tech inspection at any time.