First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23

First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23
First Responders Night @ I-37 Speedway, 9-23-23

Late Model Winner Broc Bowen
IMCA Modified winner Ryan Doyon
Limited Modified winner Marcus Mikulencak
Factory Stock winner Allen Torres
Sport Compact winner Ryker Hernandez
Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas winner Dillon Coyne

By JM Hallas
Pleasanton, TX.,(Sept. 23Rd, 2023) Ahhhh, Fall begins, so it's only in the 90's instead of over 100.

Lot's of things going on this Saturday night at I-37 Speedway, just outside Pleasanton. So where to begin?

Another full slate with the Late Models back in action on the ¼ mile, semi-banked dirt oval, but with a bounty up for grabs. An extra $250 to the winner if they can beat multi-race winner Ryan Doyon. Doyon won convincingly last time out adding to his total for the year and points lead over (cousin) Robby Minten and (dad) Ray Doyon.

Limited Modifieds were guaranteed $1,000 to win sponsored by Hercules Foundation Repair. Will Allen Torres, who won last race, substitute again for Tom Grothues in search of the money or will it be one of the top points racers in the class(Ryker Hernandez, Grothues, Cody Beddoe, Trent Beaver or young gun Nathan Titzman?

Factory Stock Poker Run II; People are so far playing their cards close to the vest, on social media anyway. But in the chase for the All in Design sponsored, mini-series championship Dakota Hurley took the first step with the victory over Rusty Head, Jarrett Payton, Frank Okruhlik and Kasey Krauss. Krauss, Okruhlik and Payton sit first, second and fourth, respectively, in the track title chase. Michael Keylich(third) and Allen Torres(fifth) complete the top five.

The Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas returned to the track after three months away. Last time out Dillon Spreen and Dustin Rude had good battle for the lead going until a spin by a lapped car took out D. Spreen. Rude went on to win over Brandon Spreen, Dylan Budnik, Cauy Moore and Keegan Moore.

Not to be overlooked the IMCA Modifieds and Sport compacts continued their regular points schedule. Logan Dinsmore comes into the night +17 ahead of Ryan Doyon in the last IMCA points race for the season.

In Sport Compacts Brandon McCall has only a three point margin over Rod Tait who found his way back to Victory Lane ending a dry streak.

Bowen Bags Bounty

The 20-lap Late Model main saw 15-cars take the green with Broc Bowen diving in front of Kody Hardage for the lead in turn 1. Ryan Doyon, K. Hardage, Rory Jordan and Matt Fox sorted out in the top five. Ry. Doyon quickly looked low on Bowen for the lead, but spun to bring out a yellow on lap 1.

The restart saw K. Hardage and Jordan door to door for second while M. Fox and Raymond McSpadden swapped fourth. Jordan got under K. Hardage for second with Robby Minten sailing around M. Fox for fifth and Ry. Doyon already back up to sixth. After a quick debris caution K. Hardage retook second with Minten moving outside of Jordan for third until McSpadden went around.

The ensuing restart saw Jordan and Ry. Doyon go around with Jordan sent to the back. Now with a single file restart, M. Fox retook third from Minten with Ry. Doyon following to fourth. At the crossed flags it was Bowen, K. Hardage, Ry. Doyon, M. Fox and Minten in the top five. A spin by Michael Keylich rebunched the field.

Back under green, Jason Kelly clipped a tire and went around in turn 2 collecting Chandler Fox and Keylich. The restart saw Ry. Doyon's shot at denying the bounty end went he went around in turn 2. The race was cut to a green, white, checker finish on time limit. Bowen(Goliad) got a good jump on the field going on to take his first ever Late Model win, in the True Air Conditioning & Heating, KS engineering, Triple Cross Ranch, Shelbys Spick N Span Cleaning, Jordan Aire Commercial Kitchens, Supreme Vinyl Works, Stoen Spec. Motor, MB Customs Chassis, in his first ever Late Model start.

Nogolitas Gear Late Models

56 Broc Bowen, 12 Kody Hardage, 53x Matt Fox, 9 Ray Doyon III, 77 Mark Taylor, 53xx Chandler Fox, 23 Michael Keylich, 5r Ryan Doyon, 57 Jason Kelly, 24r Robby Minten, 78 Eddy Hardage, 48r Raymond McSpadden

Late Model heats

Heat 1; 12 Kody Hardage, 7x Rory Jordan, 53x Matt Fox, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 24r Robby Minten, 53xx Chandler fox, 57 Jason Kelly

Heat 2; 56 Broc Bowen, 5r Ryan Doyon, 77 Mark Taylor, 78 Eddy Hardage, 23 Michael Keylich, 9 Ray Doyon

Doyon Does It, Dinsmore Takes Track Title

The seven-car IMCA Modified field took the green with Jared Maupin getting the point pursued by Ryan Doyon, Robert Liese, Greg Dinsmore and Logan Dinsmore. Doyon was pressuring Maupin for the lead in turns 3-4 getting the spot on lap 4 while G. Dinsmore got third from Liese. L. Dinsmore followed a lap later to fourth.

Coming to the midway point, G. Dinsmore got by Maupin for second, but a half straight behind Doyon with Maupin, L. Dinsmore and Liese the top five. G. Dinsmore inched closer and got a good run in after Doyon got caught by traffic. Darrell Boyd and Liese ran side by side for fifth until Boyd looped it setting up a 4-lap shootout.

Doyon got off good back under green while Maupin and L. Dinsmore were side by side for third. As the white waved Doyon had three car lengths on G. Dinsmore taking the checkers in his 3-D Landscaping, Alamo Truck & Accessories, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Gunn Fleet Management Chevrolet, 4D Ranch, 89 Motorsports, Klien crate powered, IRP Chassis.

**With his third place finish L. Dinsmore locked up the IMCA Modified championship, his first. The young Dinsmore follows in his fathers footsteps, a 2-time I-37 Speedway IMCA Modified track champion.

“They got me pretty good in the heat race,” commented Doyon. “My raceciever fell out and I was kind of lost a bit on position. The track slowed down quite a bit for the feature. It played into my cars favor.”

“I was wondering where Greg(Dinsmore) was. I'm not going to say that I was super slow, but I was just cat-fishing around the bottom waiting for someone to show me their nose. I never heard or saw anyone. I just tried to stay smooth.”

“Ya, that late caution. I was a little disappointed to see it. You don't want to see that when you're in a good rhythm. I just tried to focus on a good restart.”

“We'll just call that Late Model race adventurous,” added Doyon. “It was rough. I caused a caution on my own, involved in a couple others. That's how it goes sometimes. I had to look to see who was in the 56, it's good to see new guys coming out. I talked to Broc(Bowen) after the race and he plans to run more Late Model stuff.”

Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds

5r Ryan Doyon, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 8jr Logan Dinsmore, 71 Jared Maupin, 22 Darrell Boyd, 77 Robert Liese jr., 88 Arien Gassman

IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 8g Greg Dinsmore, 8jr Logan Dinsmore, 71 Jared Maupin, 5r Ryan Doyon, 77 Robert Liese, 88 Arien Gassman

Mikulencak Muscles to Limited Modified Money

Fifteen cars took the green for the $1,000 to win Limited Modified main with Jaden Edmond leading into turn 1 chased by Chris Swenson, Sterling Tausch, Jared Maupin and Nathan Titzman. Maupin got quickly by Tausch, who then got freight trained while stuck on the high side. Swenson was starting to pressure Edmund when Maupin looped it for a yellow.

The restart saw Marcus Mikulencak get a good run and along side Edmond, but Allen Torres was next to do a quick spin. Again, back under green, M. Mikulencak got a run on Edmond with the two wheel to wheel. M. Mikulencak got the bumper out front to lead a lap before Edmond retook the point and regained his rhythm.

Edmond got to take a breath while Swenson and M. Mikulencak ran side by side for second with Cody Beddoe and Titzman in the top five at midway. M. Mikulencak finally dispensed with Swenson using a middle line and was quickly back on the rear bumper of Edmond.

With only a handful of laps to go M. Mikulencak had a good run be and beside Edmond, but got picked off by a lapped car. Once clear of traffic M. Mikulencak again got a run with the two wheel to wheel as the white flag waved. M. Mikulencak got a better run off turn 2 to secure the lead and take the win in his L87 Speedway, Ace Transmission, Flanagans Muffler Shop, Vinco Plumbing, All in Designs, Swensons Racing Shocks, 3-D Landscaping, Grays Recycling, On Demand Shirts, home built engine from blown up parts, IRP Chassis.

“I've taken a step back from racing,” said Mikulencak. “We started off the year with Joe Aramendia Motorsports. I'm at a stage now where I have to balance racing and family stuff. Family is starting to become more important. We were fortunate enough to come out this weekend thanks to my dad letting me drive his car.”

“I've learned the hard way to be a bit more patient. I knew I had a better car than Jaden(Edmond). I was just trying to not rough him up, find a clean way around him and save my stuff. I gave him a couple little taps and found our way around him.”

“He did a real good job managing his tires for nearly the entire race. When I started to put a little pressure on him he felt it and started using his stuff up. He really only got loose one or two times bad. He did a good job recovering and getting it straight.”

“I think it's only Jadens sixth time in a Limited Modified, normally he run an E-Mod. He's doing really well right off the bat. I've run with him a bit before. I don't know his driving style that much, but he out runs me in the Go-Karts pretty bad.”

Swenson Racing Products Limited Modifieds

87 Marcus Mikulencak, 00e Jaden Edmond, 48 Chris Swenson, 77 Cody Beddoe, 1t Nathan Titzman, 11x Johnny Torres, 96 Jared Maupin, bd2 Daniel Preston, 30k Benjamin Mikulencak, 12r Roly Rodriguez, 73 Derrick Gonzales, 95s Sterling Tausch, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 11t Allen Torres, 57 Charles Flanagan, bd1 Gilbert Perez III---dns

Limited Modified heats

Heat 1; bd2 Daniel Preston, 96 Jared Maupin, 00e Jaden Edmond, 48 Chris Swenson, 77 Cody Beddoe, 12r Roly Rodriguez, 73Derrick Gonzales, bd1 Gilbert Perez

Heat 2; 95s Sterling Tausch, 1t Nathan Titzman, 87 Marcus Mikulencak, 11x Johnny Torres, 11t Allen Torres, 57 Charles Flanagan, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 30k Benjamin Mikulencak

Torres Tops in Factory Stock Chaos

As the green waved on the Factory Stock feature Michael Keylick and Mike Lyon stayed door to door with M. Keylich leading lap 1. Behind the lead duo were Allen Torres, Trey Jones and Johnny Torres. M. Keylich and Lyon stayed side by side with Lyon, up top, edging out front on lap 3. A. Torres went through the middle to take the lead on lap 5.

Jones tried to split the middle of Lyon and M. Keylich, but ended up three wide with Lyon and Dillon Gaither. Gaither got the spot and moved in on M. Keylich for second taking the spot. Jones followed Gaither through the hole to third. At halfway it was A. Torres, Gaither, Jones, J. Torres and M. Keylich in the top five.

Gaither was slowly reeling in A. Torres for the lead catching him on lap 15 getting along side until Robert Keylich spun in front of them. On the restart Jones got a run way up top going three wide with Gaither and A. Torres for the lead. Gaither got the spot on lap 16 with Jones and A. Torres door to door. Cameron Dinsmore rolled to a stop for a lap 17 yellow.

A. Torres tried the middle line on Gaither on the restart, while J. Torres tried the bottom on Jones for third. Frank Okruhlik and Austin Bean tangled on lap 18 for a yellow. This set up a green, white, checker finish, maybe. The flagman threw the white and green together and the shootout was on.

A. Torres, Gaither and J. Torres were three wide for the win in turns 1-2. Some paint was exchanged and feelings hurt along the way as they came off turn 4 with a multi-car crash coming to the checkers scattering the field through the infield. A. Torres was first across the line for the win in Hercules Foundation Repair, Allens, 24/7 Towing, Sundowner Diesel Performance, Drive In Truck Salvage, All in Designs, Best Race Engines, motor powered, Destroyer Chassis. J. Torres and Joshua Sewell never made it to the finish line.

“Very Brutal!” exclaimed Torres. “A couple restarts before the last (Dillon) Gaither got me in the left rear. No big deal, lost a couple spots. When it came to my turn, I don't try to drive dirty, but it is what it is. We talked about it and he would have done the same thing to me. It was crazy three wide stuff. I tried shooting the middle and ended up back in third. Then we sandwiched Gaither between Johnny and myself.”

“When I saw Johnny I told myself I gotta beat him and then Gaither. I thought I had a good line in the middle thinking I was alright. When Gaither got by on the bottom I knew I to go back down there and play defense a little bit. I got the feel for the bottom and got the win.”

“I thought we still had more laps to go on that last restart. Then I saw the green and white and said oh crap!”

“Let's not talk about the Limited Modified race, I shouldn't have been out there. Getting a little track time was all it was good for.”

All in Design Factory Stocks

94 Allen Torres, 11 Trey Jones, 5 Dillon Gaither, 91+ Jared Maupin, 20 Mike Lyon, 53k Kasey Krauss, 44 Austin Bean, 55 Rusty Head, 10 Scott Jerkins, 19 Justin Randall, 91 Aaron Leddy, 59 Jason Oltman, 92r Robert Keylich, 7 Johnny Walker Brown, 44x Michael Keylich, 66 Johnny Torres, 38 Joshua Sewell, 41 Frank Okruhlik, 8c Cameron Dinsmore, 48v Louis Treybig, 18s Jarrett Payton

Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 66 Johnny Torres, 53k Kasey Krauss, 38 Joshua Sewell, 8c Cameron Dinsmore, 7 Johnny Walker Brown, 92r Robert Keylich, 48v Louis Treybig

Heat 2; 20 Mike Lyon, 94 Allen Torres, 44k Michael Keylich, 44 Austin Bean, 59 Jason Oltman, 10 Scott Jerkins, 19j Justin Randal

Heat 3; 5 Dillon Gaither, 11 Trey Jones , 55 Rusty Head, 91+ Jared Maupin, 18s Jarrett Payton, 91Aaron Leddy, 41 Frank Okruhlik

Hernandez Hustles to Sport Compact Honors

A short field took the green for the Sport Compact feature with Ryker Hernandez getting a run on green from outside front row to the lead. Brandon McCall, Sam Walker, Josh Jones and Rod Tait sorted out in the top five. McCall ran down Hernandez for the lead while R. Tait took fourth from Walker.

At halfway it was Hernandez holding off McCall, Jones, R. Tait and Walker. McCall then faded and pulled off leaving Hernandez with a big lead over Jones and R. Tait. The race's only caution came when Donald Kinnaman stopped in turn 4. Back under green, Hernandez pulled away while Jones and R. Tait battled for second. Hernandez, the defending track champion, easily took the checkers in the Irace Enterprises, Reflective Wrecker, TLC Graphics, Unifirst, 2005 Chevy Cavalier.

“I don't worry too much about who is behind me,” said Hernandez. “I might be a little at the beginning but once I get out front I don't ever look. I didn't know that Brandon(McCall) was back there for a while.”

“If we can't sell this car in the next couple weeks, we may just finish the season out with it.”

Iron Horse RV Sport Compacts

55 Ryker Hernandez, 11j Josh Jones, 70 Rod Tait, 3% Sam Walker, 83p Priscilla Tait, 38 Donald Kinnaman, 51 Brandon McCall, 9t John Thomas

Sport Compact heats

Heat 1; 11j Josh Jones, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 51 Brandon McCall, 3% Sam Walker, 70 Rod Tait, 83p Priscilla Tait, 9t John Thomas

Coyne Cashes in Dwarf Car Dash

The DCRST feature saw Dillon Coyne first to turn 1 trailed by Mason Mach, Jerry Burford, Thomas Mach and Keagan Moore. T. Mach got by J. Burford for third followed by Moore and Brady Ricks. The Machs were side by side for second when Billy Groff spun off turn 4 for a caution. On the restart, Ricks took third from M. Mach before J. Burford spun for a yellow.

M. Mach gave up another spot on the restart, this time fourth, to Moore. Coming to the midway point, the top four had broken away with Coyne, T. Mach, Ricks, Moore and M. Mach. Ricks and Moore got past T. Mach for second and third before Groff had another spin.

Once back to green Coyne got away while Ricks and Moore stayed side by side for second. Duane Burford moved up to fourth past M. Mach and J. Burford. Coyne was able to maintain his margin and go on to the victory in his “girlfriend” sponsored, Kawasaki ZX10 powered, 2009 DNR Chassis.

“I didn't expect the track to be as slick as it was,” replied Coyne. “It was pretty slow. I just started on the pole, stayed around the bottom and waited til I saw somebody. I never saw anybody.”

“I had no clue if anyone was finding a better line. Under cautions I'd go up and test the middle or the top. I didn't feel like there was anything there. Go with what you've got until you see somebody.”

“There's a lot you can do on these cars. I'm afraid to do a lot of it. Just like running a line, I don't want to loose what I have. I tend to under adjust. Even tonight I should have gone farther than I went. I wish I had gone more.

“Going from asphalt to dirt the difference is more on the driver. The car set up is quite similar. It's more how you drive the car and the brake balance. We'll run more rear brake for dirt. Springs are pretty much the same, shocks and tires different.”

“A lot of our guys are out in California at the Dwarf Car Nationals. Them not showing up gave me a pretty good opportunity.”

Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas

12t Dillon Coyne, 5m Brady Ricks, 1k Keagan Moore, 14r Duane Burford, 81d Jerry Burford, 4m Mason Mach, 71a Justin Jager, 93 Adam Stehle, 44m Thomas Mach, 30 Billy Groff, 7 Ron Theel

DCRST heats

Heat 1; 1k Keagan Moore, 12t Dillon Coyne, 44 Thomas Mach, 5m Brady Ricks, 93 Adam Stehle

Heat 2; 71a Dustin Jager, 4m Mason Mach, 81d Jerry Burford, 30 Billy Goff, 14r Duane Burford, 7 Ron Theel


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