Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24

Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24
Natty 30 by Iron Horse RV Specialists @ I-37 Speedway 5-4-24

1 Late Model winner Ryan Doyon
2 Natty 30 Limited Modified winner Ray Allen Kulhanek
3 EMod winner Parker Titzman
4 Factory Stock winner Michael Dabney
5 Fireball winner Brian Harbison
6 Sport Compact winner Ryker Hernandez

By JM Hallas
Pleasanton, TX.,(May 4th, 2024)…...and NO I'm NOT going to say it!

It was another full night of racing action Saturday night at I-37 Speedways ¼ mile, semi-banked, dirt, oval. On the card were the Late Models, Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Fireballs, Sport Compacts and the first appearance of the “Trilogy” for E-Mods. A three race I-37 Speedway series with a champion crowned.

If that weren't enough, it was “Mothers Night Out” with special gifts and drawings for gift cards, plus vendors with special Mothers Day goodies. Gentleman, that would next weekend, May 12th….Just sayin'.

The Limited Modifieds would run the Natty 30, sponsored by Iron Horse RV. A 30-lapper for the class with $1,250 to win(more added later), $75 to start the main and a drivers auction.. Plus some contingencies, like hard charger, long tow awards.

The E-mods(Economy Mods) will be making their first of three trips over the season. The E-mods look like their bigger brothers(IMCA Mods/Limited Mods) but a bit more restricted on engine/chassis rules and some run topless. This event, sponsored by the 366 Motorsports Foundation, pays $600 to win, $75 to start.

Doyon Does It

As the 20-lap Late Model feature fired off it was Marcus Mikulencak getting the point with Ray Doyon, Cody Leonard and Ryan Doyon three wide for second and Robby Minten fifth. That battle sorted out with Ryan Doyon, Ray Doyon and Leonard until Leonard got past Ray Doyon and made slight contact with Ryan Doyon almost giving the spot back to Ray Doyon.

As Marcus Mikulencak pulled out to half straightaway lead, Minten got by Ray Doyon for fifth. As Ry. Doyon and Leonard battled for second they were three wide in traffic. At the crossed flags it was Marcus Mikulencak, Ryan Doyon, Leonard, Rory Jordan and Ray Doyon after Minten pulled off.

Marcus Mikulencak made a mistake in traffic off turn 2 hitting the infield briefly. This gave Ryan Doyon the opening to grab the lead on lap 12, while Lawrence Mikulencak took fifth from Ray Doyon. A late spin by Ray Doyon in turn 4 set up a three lap shootout for the win.

Ryan Doyon got away from Marcus Mikulencak and Leonard back under green with Lawrence Mikulencak able to take fourth from Jordan and pressure Leonard for third. At the checkers it was Ryan Doyon(La Coste) in the 3-D Landscaping, Alamo Truck Accessories, Boss JCB, Site One Landscaping Supply, Gunn Fleet Management Chevrolet, RainBird, Eagle crate powered, MB Custom Chassis.

“It was mostly a little bit of luck,” exclaimed Doyon. “I was just cruising in second. I didn't think I'd be able to catch him(Mikulencak). Thankfully he ran up on a lapped car and had a little trouble and I was able to go around them both.”

“You're kind of watching ahead of you. It's kind of 50/50. You're trying to see what's happening, but you're still running your own race. It worked out in my favor, just luck.”

“The track tonight was not as hammer down as it has been. I honestly thought the track was awesome. It was smooth and dry and you could run just about anywhere. I don't change much on my car for that, I adjust my driving style. We make some minor changes, but mostly it's my driving.”

Nogalitos Gear Late Models

5r Ryan Doyon, 12 Marcus Mikulencak, 48 Cody Leonard, L87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 7x Rory Jordan, 53x Matt Fox, 9r Ray Doyon III, 5k Ziggy Reusser, 4 Newton Barta, 77 Mark Taylor, 24 Robby Minten, 08 Landon Sowder, 1x Andrew Hesler---dns

Late Model heats

Heat 1; 12 Marcus Mikulencak,48 Cody Leonard, 5r Ryan Doyon, 24 Robby Minten, 53x Matt Fox, 5k Ziggy Reusser, 77 Mark Taylor

Heat 2; 9r Ray Doyon III, 7x Rory Jordan, 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 08 Landon Sowder, 1x Andrew Hesler, 4 Newton Barta

Kulhanek Klaims Natty 30 Kash

The 30-lap Natty 30 Limited Modified main was a little rocky. Marcus Mikulencak and Trent Beaver stayed side by side, but in the pack Tom Grothues and Kyle Wilkins tangled for a complete restart. The second start saw Beaver get out front with Mikulencak second and Logan Densman, Ray Allen Kulhanek and Shane Hoefling three wide for third.

Kulhanek quickly picked off Densman and Hoefling for third with Nathan Titzman getting fifth from Densman and fourth from Hoefling. Kulhanek then set his sights on Mikulencak for second while JJ Jennings put Hoefling back another spot. At halfway it was Beaver out front while Mikulencak and Kulhanek were wheel to wheel, sometimes three wide in traffic, for second, Titzman and Jennings completing the top five.

Clint Everage would spin on lap 17 in turn 4 for a break in the action. Beaver got away on the restart while Titzman got by Mikulencak for third. Jennings capitalized on that battle going past both. With five to go, Kulhanek closed the gap to Beaver getting a better run in, while Beaver had the better pace getting off the corners.

That battle continued the final five laps with Kulhanek getting to Beavers bumper on entry, but Beaver firing off better as both hugged the bottom line. On the white flag lap Beaver left enough of an opening in turn 3 that Kulhanek dove in. The two exchanged some paint with Kulhanek getting a better run off turn 4 to snag the victory in his KTC Construction, Renegade Race Fuel, Browders Marina, Pipeline MD, Duke Motorsports, Integra Racing Shocks, Sevies Speed Shop, Mark Herring Race Engines, Innovative Chassis.

“This track has been good to me, this year anyway,” said Kulhanek picking up his second win this year at I-37 Speedway. “I thought Marcus(Mikulencak) would jump into the lead, but Trent(Beaver) got out there. I made some changes to the car at intermission. It just really kind of panned out. I got the car into the race track a little more. We've made a lot of strides getting this thing figured out.”

“You have to make changes when the race track starts losing grip. I really like to see tracks like this. I like to see them get wide, slick, patchy where you have to move around. You just try to keep some dig in the car. I was making little changes, but right before the main I made a left rear shock change. I know that wants to get into the track more. I was worried it might be too much. By the time I got into turn 1, got the car rotated and pointed, she hooked up in the race track and I knew we had a good car. I just needed the breaks to go my way.”

“Ya, Trent(Beaver) and I have some history,” added Kulhanek. Opening night I started on the inside with him outside. He jumped the start, then in turn 3 he drove across the nose. My right front hit his left rear and spins us both. I got sent to the back. The last time I raced here I passed him twice without touching him and he did the same thing. On that last restart I won't lie, I shoved the nose a little. It never upset the car. I just hit the brake and rotated the car. As soon as I got rotated, he was in my door. If you're not going race with respect, don't expect any from me. He opened the door enough and we're racing for a thousand some dollars, plus the auction.”

On the tech pad the Beaver team protested the car of Kulhanek.

“Apparently we were suppose to have had a direct drive transmission. added Kulhanek. “Funny, we're over here with a three speed on a clutch. They thought we had an automatic with a dummy convertor. We collected an extra $250 for that. I lost the throw out bearing earlier in the night, the clutch pedal just went to the floor. We had to bump start it in gear. Their protest just added insult to their injury”

Natty 30 Iron Horse RV Limited Modifieds

21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, 14 Trent Beaver, 26 JJ Jennings, 1t Nathan Titzman, bd3 Marcus Mikulencak, 00e Jaden Edmund, 7mk Kyle Wilkins, 15t Rusty Head, 88 Steven Whiteaker III, 04 Cameron Cook, 57 Charles Flanagan, 63 Shane Hoefling, 26d Logan Densman, 26w Robert Wiggins, 10d Clint Everage, 30k Logan Dinsmore, 29 Jamie Campbell, 58 Rowdy Flanagan, 11t Tom Grothues

Limited Modified heats

Heat 1; 21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, 1t Nathan Titzman, bd3 Marcus Mikulencak, 26d Logan Densman, 30k Logan Dinsmore, 29 Jamie Campbell, 88 Steven Whiteaker III, 11t Tom Grothues, 26w Robert Wiggins, 10 Clint Everage

Heat 2; 63 Shane Hoefling, 26 JJ Jennings, 04 Cameron Cook, 14 Trent beaver, 00e Jaden Edmund, 15t Rusty Head, 58 Rowdy Flanagan, 7mk Kyle Wilkins, 57 Charles Flanagan

Titzman Tallies First Checkered Flag

The 25-lap E-Mod feature was brutal at times and seemingly no one wanted to run up front. On green Zach Freeman jumped ahead of Hunter Porter, Zach Calhoun, Caden Valente and Steven Whiteaker III. Collin Hillin would slow on lap 2 and stack up Derrick Gonzalez and Charley York for a yellow.

Then the front straight lights went out.

After a long red to reset the lights, Freeman jumped out while Whiteaker took fourth from Valente with Parker Titzman following to fifth. Whiteaker's top four run ended when he went around and got T-boned by Porter. In the melee, York, Jude Allgayer and Cameron Voelschow tangled trying to avoid.

On the restart Mickey Helms got into Porter in turn 1 sending him around. Three laps in, three cautions. Once back to green, Beaver again got ahead of the pack with Daniel Preston getting along side Porter for third. Porter would spin from that fight and fall back with no caution. Calhoun would then loop it from second falling back to seventh leaving Freeman with a big lead.

Jett Johnson looped it on lap 7 for another slow down. Now with a single file restart, Freeman got out, while Titzman got by Valente for third as the fast line moved up a lane. Freeman lost the lead when he spun, handing the top spot to Preston. At the mid point it was Preston, Valente, Titzman, Charles Flanagan and Jaden Edmund in the top five.

Titzman grabbed second from Valente and caught Preston for the lead in traffic. Titzman was able to used slower cars to get past Preston on lap 15. Preston fought back as they continued dicing in traffic. Preston was able to retake the lead on lap 20 with Titzman coming back getting inside Preston on lap 22, before a lap 23 debris caution slowed the pace.

Back under green, Flanagan got loose and backed up the pack. Freeman would jump one infield tractor tire and kick a second track for another yellow. On the restart, Titzman got away by a couple cars lengths, but Preston charged back. The 14-year old Titzman(Corpus Christi) would hold steady and hang on for his first ever victory in the Ace Transmission, Aramendia Motorsports, On Demand Shirts, RPM Equipment, All in Designs, Empire Chassis.

“I was getting pretty tired,” exclaimed Titzman. “I tried the top around the lapped cars and that didn't work. Daniel(Preston) was able to get by me for a while. I went back to the bottom and caught him behind lapped cars and passed him.”

“I get help from my grandpa(Lawrence Mikulencak), Marcus and my brother Nathan. I work on my car every day, one thing at a time. I'm home schooled so I can work on it when I don't have any homework to do. I do get a lot of laps at L87 Speedway too.”

“I know the older guys are going to race me as hard as they can. I have a little experience now and have learned how to run the car.”

366 Motorsports Foundation E-Mods

L87 Parker Titzman, 6” Daniel Preston, 44 Caden Valente, 57 Charles Flanagan, 00 Jaden Edmund, 22 Zach Calhoun, 75h Mickey Helms, 13p Hunter Porter, 59b Brianna Witzsche, 26 Johnny Johnson, 2a Collin Hillin, 95 Tim Thompson, 4 Jude Allgayer, 13 Jett Johnson, 21s Summer Nave, 27 Zach Freeman, k13 Kris Workman, 18 Cameron Voelschow, 73 Derrick Gonzalez, 58 Matthew Hodge, 51 Charley York, 88 Steven Whiteaker III

E-Mod B-main(top 7 to A-main)

00 Caden Edmund, 18 Cameron Voelschow, 73 Derrick Gonzalez, 57 Charles Flanagan, 95 Tim Thompson, 59b Brianna Witzsche, 58 Matthew Hodge, 71w Dusty Wilcox, 96f Benjamin Fanning,18sDaniel Schmidt, 13k Kyle Jackson

E-mod heats

Heat 1; 22 Zachery Calhoun, 6” Daniel Preston, L87 Parker Titzman, k13 Kris Workman, 4 Jude Allgayer, 18 Daniel Schmidt, 13k Kyle Jackson, 73 Derrick Gonzales, 51w Wyatt McDonald, 96f Benjamin Fanning

Heat 2; 44v Kaden Valente, 88 Steven Whiteaker III, 75h Mickey Helms, 26 Johnny Johnson, 51 Charley York, 95 Tim Thompson, 71w Dusty Wilcox, 57 Charles Flanagan, 00e Jaden Edmund---dq

Heat 3; 27 Zach Freeman, 13p Hunter Porter, 21s Summer Nave, 13 Jett Johnson, 2a Collin Hillin,18 Cameron Voelschow, 58 Matthew Hodge, 59b Brianna Witzsche, 40 Kyle Workman

Dabney Dashes to Factory Stock Dollars

The 20-lap Factory Stock feature saw Michael Keylich grab the lead into turn 1 followed by Jarrett Payton, Wade Jones, Allen Torres and Brandon Welker, but debris brought the yellow out. The second try saw M. Keylich lead to turn 1, but it was Payton off turn 4 leading the way over M. Keylich, Michael Dabney, Jones and Torres.

Torres would get under Jones for fourth while Payton, Dabney and M. Keylich went three wide for the lead before Johnny Walker Brown spun in turn 3. On the restart Payton and Dabney got away with Torres and Jones side by side for third and Welker getting fifth from M. Keylich. Robert Keylich spun on lap 6 for a caution.

Back to green, Dabney got inside Payton taking over the top spot on lap 7 with Torres following to second. Jones would loop it on lap 8 for a caution that saw Torres stop and not be able to refire ending his night. Dabney got away on the single file restart as GW Hessong took fifth from M. Keylich.

At halfway it was Dabney, Welker, Payton, Jones and Hessong in the top five. Dabney then methodically pulled away from Welker, who had a gap back to Payton, Jones and Hessong. With two to go Dabney(Kaufman) had stretched his advantage to a half straightaway taking the checkers in his Revolution Graphics, Lakeside Ice, Diamond Diesel Service, Rush Race Gear, Cen-Tex Metals, Hair Drama, Undercover Shocks, Jeff Reynolds Electric, Dirt Defender, Jacks Stereo, Dadbods, Best Race Engines, Outlaw Race Cars by Seven Motorsports.

“Both HOT(Heart o Texas) and KSP(Kennedale Speedway Park) got rained out so we decided to venture out,” replied Dabney. “We were going to go to Rocket but were afraid it would cancel too, but it didn't. Either way it turned out good for us.”

“The point average deal is a little different than we're used to. So we had to start deep in the field(7th) but we made quick work of that and picked up the win. I was down here one time last year. I study the previous races before I even come to a track. So I know who to look for and where they're running. I try to base what I'm going to do off those guys. It paid off tonight.”

“When I saw the lineup I told myself I had to get to the lead before Allen(Torres) does somehow, someway. That first lap I saw they were all bottled up on the bottom and sent it around the high side and picked off three or four right away. I just worked my way from there to the lead. I know Allen had some trouble and some other cars behind me. I didn't have any issues. It sucks for Allen, but worked out for me.”

“I know how most of these guys drive. I always know who I'm racing around. More times that not I know where guys are going to make mistakes. Down here it was a little different. I had to be patient with where I made my moves. All in all, it was a clean night. I got together a little with Michael Keylich. It was good clean racing.”

“I have to thank my girlfriend Hope, Chad, Shawn, Jared, Riley, Melvin Mack for coming down and all their help. Johnny Torres gave me the motivation to come down here and paid my pit pass. Of course he goes and runs at Rocket. Next time I come down I hope he's here and I get to run against him. He is the king of I-37 Speedway. I want to race against the best of the best.”

All in Design Factory Stocks

5x Michael Dabney, 44x Brandon Welker, 18s Jarrett Payton, 41 Wade Jones, 747 GW Hessong, 44k Michael Keylich, 494 Dillon Kidwell, 53k Kasey Krauss, 34h Hunter Peterson, 14t Trey Heald, 21m Blayne Murphy, 7 Johnny Brown Walker, 92r Robert Keylich, 94 Allen Torres, 18 Kyle Kirkland, 44v Kevin Vasbinder, 10 Scott Jerkins, 4 Austin Bean

Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 94 Allen Torres, 5x Michael Dabney, 747 GW Hessong, 44x Brandon Welker, 18s Jarrett Payton, 10 Scott Jerkins, 34h Hunter Peterson, 92r Robert Keylich, 4 Austin Bean

Heat 2; 41 Wade Jones, 53k Kasey Krauss, 44k Michael Keylich, 21m Blayne Murphy, 494 Dillon Kidwell, 18 Kyle Kirkland, 7 Johnny Walker Brown, 44v Kevin Vasbinder , 14t Trey Heald

Harbison Takes Fireball Honors

The Fireball feature started with Aaron Leddy getting the lead into turn 1 trailed by Jennie Barber, Kenny Wright, Ryan McDonald and Howie Marcx. Barber took over the top spot on lap 3 while Marcx got fourth from McDonald. Barber half spun on lap 4 giving the lead back to Leddy and falling to back to fourth.

As Wright began putting pressure on Leddy, Brain Harbison was moving to the front getting by Marcx for third, then Wright for second. Harbison got along side Leddy coming to halfway showing Harbison, Leddy, Marcx, Wright and Barber in the top five. Someone kicked an infield tire on track and Barber, who got her spot back, got caught on it for a lap 14 yellow.

On the restart Leddy tried to pressure Harbison for the lead back, but Harbison was able to get away by a few car lengths. Lap 17 saw McDonald loop it in turn 2 with Clint Montanio, Levi Hernandez and Mark Pivarnik tangling in turn 4 at the same time. Harbison and Leddy got away on green while Barber was looking low on Marcx. Harbison(Floresville) was able to hold Leddy off the final two laps for the win in the Ray Doyon owned, 3D Landscaping, Mark Herring Race Engine, former asphalt Camaro.

“Coming from a Limited Mod these cars are kind of inconsistent,” explained Harbison. “They are a lot of fun though. This is the first leaf spring car I've ever run. When they take a set, you car just mat it. After about 5-6 laps I got used to it and it was predictable.”

“I watched about 50 races and my mentor is obviously Johnny(Torres) I watch him, try to mimic his entry because it got real slick. There was some moisture around the tires. I just stuck with that and tried to hit my line every time. It was solid.”

“There's some good shoes in this class, so I have no trepidation running out there with them. I thought pretty early on that they didn't have the line that I had. I just slowly picked them off.”

Winners Circle Transmissions Fireballs

99 Brian Harbison, 93 Aaron Leddy, 13 Howie Marcx, 19 Jennie Barber, 09 Clint Montanio, 68 Kenny Wright, 18m Jospeh Montemayor, 14 Mark Pivarnik, h2s Shane Stonebraker, 17 Scott Walker, 816 Ryan McDonald, 64 Danny Dear, 28 Levi Hernandez, 11bvr Noah Van Blarcum

Fireball heats

Heat 1; 19 Jennie Barber, 93 Aaron Leddy, 18m Joseph Montemayor, 14 Mark Pivarnik, 11vbr Noah Van Blarcum, 09 Clint Montanio, 28 Levi Hernandez

Heat 2; 13 Howie Marcx, 99Brian Harbison, 69 Kenny Wright, h2s Shane Stonebraker, 816 Ryan McDonald, 17 Scott Walker, 64 Danny Dear

Ryker on a Roll

The Sport Compact feature saw Justin Van Winkle get the advantage early over Ryker Hernandez, Rod Tait, Sonny Kinnaman and Josh Jones along side Eric Wilson. Van Winkle and Hernandez then began a five lap side by side scrap for the lead. At halfway it Van Winkle, by a bumper, Hernandez, Tait, Wilson and Kinnaman.

Just as it looked like Van Winkle would take command pulling out to a three car length lead, he slipped high in turn 4 giving Hernandez an opportunity to take the lead. From there Hernandez(San Antonio) was able to hold off Van Winkle to score another victory in the iraceenterprise, Allways Auto Group, Lovett Car Wash, Sullivan Racing, C3 Speed Horses, 2005 Chevy Cavalier.

“This may be my third win this year,” said Hernandez. “I was watching what Justin(Van Winkle) was doing and trying to find an opening to get around him. He did a little slip up in turn 4 and that's when I got my chance to get under him and get by him. I just held my line and tried to get as far away as possible.”

Johnson Supply Sport Compacts

22 Ryker Hernandez, 825 Justin Van Winkle, 70 Rod Tait, 18 Eric Wilson, 38 Sonny Kinnaman, 11j Josh Jones, 007 James Baum, 76y Donald Lewis

Sport Compact heat

Heat 1; 22 Ryker Hernandez, 825 Justin Van Winkle, 76y Donald Lewis, 70 Rod Tait, 38 Sonny Kinnaman, 11j Josh Jones, 18 Eric Wilson, 007 James Baum


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